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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  January 16, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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the same capabilities. >> these assault weapons that you're referring to are encompassing the same technology that people use in the firearms that are being used for self-defense or used for hunting. >> reporter: chang did support some of the directives the president called for today. he agrees there have been stricter laws to keep guns from the mentally ill, harsher punishments for crimes involving firearms and armed police officers at schools. >> you don't want to take away the second amendment rights for law-abiding citizens who have done nothing but yet they are the ones forced to comply with these laws because violent criminals don't obey laws. >> reporter: looks like the president has the support of most americans. in an exclusive cbs 5 surveyusa poll 71% of people in the bay area support a ban on assault weapons. 67% support limits on how much ammunition a gun could hold. those numbers roughly match a recent national survey. they also found that people
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have been following this gun debate very closely and it's just another indication that the sandy hook tragedy can translate to action in washington. grace lee, cbs 5. even an 11-year-old knows the obstacles standing in the way of the president's plan. >> in the letter that julia wrote me, she said, "i know that laws have to be passed by congress. but i beg you to try very hard." [ laughter ] >> julia, i will try very hard. >> the reaction from congressional leaders was lukewarm at best. in recent weeks gun sales have skyrocketed nationwide. hours before the president unveiled his proposals, the nation's most powerful gun lobby had already launched a preemptive strike. >> are the president's kids more important than yours? >> in a move to rally gun rights supporters, the nra
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released this online video that calls out the president for allowing armed secret service agents to protect his daughters at school but pushing back against the nra's call for armed security at all schools. the white house called the ad, quote, repugnant and cowardly. for more on the president's gun control proposals including how bay area lawmakers are reacting to the plan, go to our website, new at 5:00 two men are in custody another two on the run after trying to rob a jewelry store in menlo park. police say the attempted robbery happened just after noon at plaza jewelers on middlefield road. the men took off in a white car as police arrived. during the chase, the suspects ended up clipping another vehicle before crashing into a power pole. a week ago the 787 dreamliner promised to launch san jose airport into the lucrative international market. tonight, it turned into a nightmare. within the last few hours, the
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faa has grounded all dreamliners because of safety issues. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez on how that move is grounding san jose from getting on the international map. len. reporter: that's right, elizabeth. this san jose-to-tokyo flight was a very big deal for this city. and this is not a good situation for the airline either. with all of the 787 aircraft now grounded in tokyo including the ones that brought a delegation from san jose to tokyo to play up the benefits of this connection. they had to come home today using another bay area airport. reporter: the grounding of all nippon airways 787s could not have come at a worse time for mineta san jose international. the three-year effort to bring nonstop flights from silicon valley to asia was literally just taking off when serious safety issues forced flights on the so-called dreamliner to be canceled. san jose has so far lost two flights and a third on friday is in jeopardy. >> we flew into san francisco. we had a choice between los
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angeles and san francisco. >> reporter: the silicon valley ceo was with a business delegation scheduled on one of those canceled san jose flights. his group was rerouted and came home on a different plane but he praised anas decision. >> this is a company that put passengers ahead of profits and made a wise decision to make sure that boeing works out these kinks before they put another plane up in the air. >> reporter: the nonstop tokyo flight kicked off with fanfare last friday before the planes were grounded but after some 787s began having issues such as fuel leaks and battery fires. passengers at the time did not seem worried. any concerns about that plane? >> no. i'm fine. i'm fine with it. ana is pretty good. >> in an ideal world you don't want your clients thinking about the aircraft. >> reporter: this public relations specialist said it's not the story line the airlines and the airport would have wanted but as long as safety is maintained, it probably won't
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hurt long term. >> this is certainly not a disaster. this is boeing's responsibility to get to the bottom of what is the problem with that 787. in the meantime, san jose has reached millions and millions of people as a result of this incident about their direct route. >> reporter: at this point, the next scheduled departure from san jose and arrival is on friday using a dreamliner. but at this point, it's anyone's guess when the service will resume. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. developing news tonight out of algeria. the united states is working to free americans taken hostage by a militant group linked to al qaeda. the heavily armed men attacked a natural gas complex this morning near the libyan border. two people were killed and workers from several countries are being held hostage. one of the militants says the operation is revenge for algeria's support of france's operation in northern mali. algeria allowed french jets to use its airspace in attacking
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al qaeda-linked rebel groups. in london, an explosion and flames after a helicopter crashed into a building and spiraled down into rush hour traffic. it happened this morning. the helicopter crashed into a crane on top of one of europe's tallest residential towers. the pilot and one person on the ground were killed, 13 others were hurt. the family of san jose's first homicide victim of the year is making an emotional appeal for answers. 34-year-old ivan sigora was found shot to death outside a house on tripoli avenue last sunday. he left a wife and young child. police have no suspects and few clues. but they are confident that someone out there knows what happened and why. >> i have a daughter 5 years old and she's asking for him. and i don't have answers. from my heart, from my sister's heart, from my little niece --
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that we want to have an answer. >> crimestoppers is offering a reward up to $1,000 for information leading to an arrest. police in san jose are still looking for a man who tried to grab a toddler from her mother's arms. it happened last night in the front yard of their house on dayo court in east san jose. police say the man approached the mother and made strange comments directed at the 2-year- old. fearing something was wrong, she picked up her child and started into the house. that's when police say the man grabbed the girl's legs. but the mother wrestled her a way and the stranger took off. the police sent a sketch of the man and his 20s wearing a baseball hat and yellow shirt. he smelled like motor oil. wow. yeah. so it's a one in a million mistake. so definitely not good. >> a janitor's big mistake could cost one bay area school district an entire building. what he forgot to turn off that
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did millions of dollars in damage. >> good evening, i'm meteorologist paul deanno. all about the sunshine today, but not really warm yet. find out when that warm weather will move in and your weekend forecast coming up. >> and the 49ers battling an urban legend. when they take on the atlanta falcons, can colin kaepernick break "sports illustrated" curse?
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of leaving the water on... could cost the oakland unified school district an entire building. cbs 5 reporter d a simple mistake of leaving the water on could cost the oakland unified school district an entire building! cbs 5 reporter da lin says it's so bad the building may have to be demolished. >> the sink in the custodian closet was running overnight for ten hours until it was discovered. >> it's a mistake. >> reporter: the mistake shut down oakland unified school district's main building for the remainder of the school- year. this century-old building might be demolished and a custodian was fired. >> if that were my house, my house would be very upset if i forgot to turn off the water
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and flooded it. >> reporter: the substitute custodian forgot to turn off the water. 1500 gallons damaged all four floors. >> there are some weak points in the floors and ceilings. the insulation had to be ripped out. a lot of places there's asbestos. >> reporter: instead of having all the department's located at one place, they are spread out now. for example, the superintendent's office has been relocated across the street from the administration building to this elementary school. these portables at a school parking lot are the temporary home of the district's legal office and other offices. it's right across the street from the ground lake theater and human resources department is being housed at this building in west oakland. all of these changes are causing all kinds of confusion for people who need to reach the district. >> not being from the area, i'm not quite sure where i need to go to now in order to handle what i'm dealing with and so that makes it a little bit, you know, more frustrating.
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>> reporter: contractors will see if the building is salvageable. if not, then those temporary offices may become permanent. >> i don't think there are any plans to build a new building. >> reporter: in oakland, i'm da lin, cbs 5. flood insurance rates are skyrocketing speaking of water. many are complaining that they are paying more than their neighbor. the factors determining the pricing next. >> roberta gonzales in mobile weather and we literally have driven all the way up to the shoreline because the beach is where it's going to be taking place this weekend, it's mavericks, it's on, and everything you need to know about it as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5.
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not all things are created equal. your neigbhors pay one rate. you pay a lot more. but cbs five when it comes to flood insurance, not all things are equal. your neighbors pay one rate, you pay more. but cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains, everyone may soon be paying more. reporter: it's not -- >> it's not exactly an imposing body of water. >> reporter: she may live near a creek but linda johnston believes the chances of her house ever flooding are pretty remote. >> there would have to be 4 feet above of water to even get into the house. >> reporter: so the marin county homeowner is fighting a battle over a jump in the cost of her flood insurance, something her mortgage holder
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requires her to have. four years ago, it cost $350. now it's $1,700, twice what one neighbor pays. >> my neighbor is paying 869. >> reporter: flood insurance rates are set by the government and based on a variety of factors including the size, age and design of your home. but the biggest factors are by far location and the property's risk of actual flooding. that's determined by the government's flood maps, surveys conducted on an ongoing basis to determine an area's flood risk. according to the latest maps, johnson's home is in a high risk area. >> the mapping is the key to the rates. >> reporter: insurance expert and consumer advocate achemy boch says more and more homeowners are complaining that the latest maps don't take into account unique features of their property. >> there's a lot of pushback from property owners. >> reporter: a new law enacted last year is phasing out government subsidies for flood insurance, something homeowners
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will start noticing when they renew their policies. boch predicts rates could go up 20 to 30% for some this year leaving more homeowners like johnson protected from floods but protesting their rates. now, fema tells us linda was actually undercharged for her insurance before the rate jumped and that her current rate is the correct rate. she is considering an appeal but it's now possible her neighbors could face a rate hike, as well. coming up at 6:00, will making improvements to protect from flooding save you any money? we'll have that answer coming up. >> thank you. will colin kaepernick become the next victim of the "sports illustrated" curse? he is on the cover ahead of their showdown in atlanta and it's an urban legend that players and teams who appear on the cover will be jinxed. dennis joins us now. we are not saying there's any truth to that but alex smith and the 49ers showed up on the cover about this time last year before their loss to new york and the nfc championship game.
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>> notre dame was on the cover before they lost in the title game. what do you think? >> let me remind you that joe montana was on the cover in january of 1982, it was called super bowl preview. you know what happened? >> he won. >> 49ers won their first championship. there goes your jinx. the 49ers will not only look to avoid the "sports illustrated" jinx but also win three games in a row the first time this season. they returned to the practice field after beating the packers. while there's focus against sunday's game in atlanta they also took a trip down memory lane. jim harbaugh redecorated the locker room with pictures of players from high school days but there was one missing. >> they didn't have the internet back in 1982 that i'm aware of. >> i believe my picture was taken in california i look kind of mad because i don't know why in the world who is [ indiscernible ] so they say
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ricky let's take a picture. i wasn't smiling. >> i figure in my day i was a fantastic player. but for some reason, just people couldn't see it. you know? college scouts and the pundits just for some reason did not see it. >> laughing because everybody was basically driving around the whole locker room looking at who's who. you had to dig up a picture -- we was saying 1980 because that picture is black and white so we climbed him the most because his picture is in black and white. >> now, what this is, is jim harbaugh taking a page out of bill walsh's playbook and that is to make sure the team is not on edge there's no anxiety. they are just having fun, they are loose, ready to play football. >> hope so. >> all right. >> thank you. and you can find one-stop shopping on all things 49ers on our website, everything from the si cover jinx our guy kaepernicking and
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the best place to find the 49ers gear. excitement is warming up for the game as well as the weather. >> maybe it's 49ers fever. by this weekend, just about everybody is going to be in the 60s. we have some great january weather. typically this happens once or twice in the wintertime. it's a big ridge of high pressure over top of us and you get the sunshine. hello, san jose! you hit the upper 50s today. currently you're sitting at 52 right now. santa rosa 54. livermore 50. oakland warm at 59. concord currently 52 so we are on that climb upward towards 60 degrees. radar is clear, nothing on cbs 5 hi-def doppler. get used to that. it's going to be that way for a while. also get used to chilly nights. no more freeze warnings or frost advisories. but with clear skies, it's january, long nights, it will be chilly. fairfield at 30, 32 concord and livermore, 29 santa rosa, chilly in san francisco with a low of 43 degrees. but it's all due to a ridge of high pressure. it's not allowing any storm to get within let's say 800 or 900
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miles of san francisco and the bay area. look at where the storm track is up toward juno, alaska and it's not coming anywhere close to us soon. so we are just going to monitor where that ridge of high pressure is going. right now it's just off to our west. it's attracting an east wind. it's strong, that offshore wind. as high pressure moves closer slowly the atmosphere will continue to warm up. we'll be dry and mild through the holiday weekend into next week. i don't see any rain until next thursday or next friday. so clear skies will be nights will be chilly away from the water in the 30s every night. we'll level off starting for some of you tomorrow in the low 60s and stay there for about 6 days. with this dome of high pressure over top of us we'll have poor air quality. a "spare the air" day tomorrow and likely every day for the next five or six days. check out san jose. your average high is 60. tomorrow 64. los gatos 65. fremont 62. san mateo 60. upper 50s because of the cold start for pleasant hill, south to san ramon including walnut creek and concord. mill valley 58. san francisco 57.
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san leandro 58 degrees. sunshine right on through that holiday weekend. low 60s inland near the bay even 60 degrees at the coast on saturday and sunday. a little cloudier toward the middle of next week but rain holds off for all of the next 7 days. our cbs 5 mobile weather lab is on the road along the coastline tonight. our roberta gonzales has more on the mavericks surf contest that will take place this sunday. >> reporter: it is currently 51 degrees here along the coast. it is a chilly evening in progress according to all the data that's been gathered here with our mobile weather lab. but by this weekend, we'll have nothing but pristine conditions. i'm talking idealistic blue skies and air temperature near 58 degrees. that's on sunday. and as mavericks invitational contest director jeff clark noticed, some of the most insane waves in recent history will be right here along the san mateo coast. now, right now, we have some relatively flat swells but by this weekend, we are
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anticipating up to 20-foot waves. 20 feet at least. that's why the national weather service has also issued a high surf advisory for this weekend. but on sunday if you want to come out and watch mavericks because it's on, don't get on that area that is being protected. head to oceana hotel or go to online for live streaming as it takes place. we have 24 surfers heading to this area to compete on sunday with 17 alternates. we are going to stay on top of this and monitor it from the san mateo coast. i'm roberta gonzales. eyewitness news returns after this.
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too quickly, and that it may put their kids at risk. . some parents are concerned children receive too many vaccines too quickly and may put their children at risk. today an expert panel issued reassuring advice. dr. kim has the details. reporter: children today
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are vaccinated against 14 infectious diseases. that means a lot of shots, as many as 24 immunizations, by a second birthday. >> it's a bummer. and you hug them and hold them. >> reporter: the crowded schedule worries some parents leading them to reject or delay vaccines. >> i did actually have them stagger the shots so instead of four at one visit he would get two instead and then come back at a later time. >> reporter: now the institute of medicine looked into these concerns and today released a report. >> the childhood recommended immunization schedule is safe. >> reporter: san francisco pediatrician dr. elena fuentes affleck is a coauthor of the study. >> the recommended schedule which involves a lot of immunizations is intended to protect children against diseases and that it is safe. the spreading out can put children at risk for vaccine preventable diseases. some of those diseases can be fatal. >> reporter: media trickses say a lot more parents are questioning the safety of the vaccine schedule. and while he says the report won't convince everyone, he
5:25 pm
believes the panel looked at all the evidence. >> i'm hoping in the future that they continue the monitoring of the safety of vaccines to put everyone's mind at ease that these things are safe and provide kids a lot of security to prevent diseases. >> reporter: as for these parents they too feel relieved. >> oh, good. that's nice. >> good. good. i guess my doctor was right. >> reporter: now, this report is the most comprehensive of the vaccine schedule to date. they found no evidence the schedule is linked to certain health problems including auto- immune diseases, asthma, seizures, "add," learning or developmental disorders. good news. >> thank you. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. here. yuh-huh. we have the wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ ♪ [ female
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money for a police consultant. now another fight on who's the right man for the job. phil matier reports,the city the oakland city council okayed money for a police call at&t. now who is the light -- who is the right man for the job? the city is in danger of falling into a familiar pattern one that goes nowhere, coming up at 6:00. >> plus, what's behind the biggest jump in housing prices in the bay area in a quarter of a century? that and more at 6:00 "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> and remember the latest news and weather are always on captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: two major stories tonight.
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americans have been taken hostage in a terrorist attack, and the president unveils the most sweeping gun control package in generations. >> the only way we can change is if the american people demand it. >> pelley: major garrett on the president's gun safety plan, nancy cordes on its chances in congress, and bill plante talks with the n.r.a. the american hostages were taken this morning at a natural gas plant in algeria. david martin has the late- breaking news. a dangerous virus is spreading among infants in the u.s. dr. jon lapook reports. and annette nance-holts' only son was killed with a gun. >> mothers and fathers who lost their children to violence raise up and say something now. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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